Window streaks

I've had my Class A for almost two years now and still haven't found the secret.

How can you remove the streaks on the windshield left-over after outside storage? I can clean the windows with all I have in the house and still have the remnants of the streaking.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Window streaks

Black Streak Remover... sometimes the streaks are a film from the sealent used in the coach. Black streak remover from almost anywhere, even WallyWorld will cut the streak, then finish up with windex or a like product. ;)
Window streaks

Thanks, Gruffy.

While I've had the rig for almost two years, I've never needed the black streak remover. Do I need to worry about getting it on the rubber molding around the windows?


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Window streaks

I use CASTROL Degreaser in the purple gallon from Wally World. I dilute it for various cleaning chores, but it is the best I've found for hard to remove stains, etc. ;)
Window streaks

I've never worried about it. It will cause your hands to sting... especially any chapped area... but it just flushes off with water. Good for tree sap too.
Window streaks

I don't know what year coach you have but I had a 1995 HR class A and I had the same problem. I installed the type of rain gutter you get from Camping World over the top of the windshield. You can buy it by the foot. Later model coaches come with the rain gutter. I recently had to replace mine which I purchased from my dealer.