Windshield booboos!


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One and All -

Well, after putting about 10,000 miles on our Dolphin LX we have developed a minor problem. It seems that we’ve also taken 3 stone chips in the windshield in the process. This has me a bit concerned since replacing half a windshield promises to cost upwards of $1500. We’ve had the chips “repaired” by several glass companies and if we smile hard enough or if our vision is blurred enough from long hours behind the wheel we hardly even notice the slight imperfections left in the acre or so of glass.

We do notice the $25 to $50 charge for each repair, however, and as they add up and the ever present danger of replacing one of those glass plates looms closer we’re beginning to think seriously about starting to pick up beer cans and pop bottles from along the roadsides! This is particularly important because, while glass breakage is covered by our insurance policy, our experience in the past has been that with too many windshield replacements they either drop you like a hot potato, or raise your premiums to the point where we have to drop them!

I’ve done searches on several forums and wasn’t able to find much on the subject, so I’ve decided to start this thread.

- Among the rest of you, how common are stone chips in your windshields? How many over the last year or ten thousand miles?

- How often do you normally have to replace one or both chunks of glass in your RVs?

- Do any of you have any tips or tricks for reducing or avoiding this problem?


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Windshield booboos!

Chips are a common problem due to the flat vertical nature of the windshields. You learn to really drive defensively; stay way back from flat beds or dump trucks or people with wheels on the shoulder. I have had great luck with windshield repair kits from WalMart and have fixed about 8 in the RV and toad. :laugh:


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Windshield booboos!

I don't have a motorhome, so this may not be valid, but all my standard vehicles have State Farm's 'Full Glass' policy and I have replaced several windshields due to chips and/or dust blasting (I live in Arizona) without repercussions.