Winter Camping Question

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H2H1 - 11/22/2008 9:45 AM Wandalust I used to do that when I was younger. We would go out hunting and just camp on he ground. we would gather fire wood build a fire and stay warm. in the early morning we would leave our sleeping bags go sit in a tree for hours waiting for the big one to come by,(which never did). Then climb down and walk back to camp re kindle the fire sit and get warm. now this a 3 day weekend. now we go in a Mh so much better :laugh: :) :cool:

I hear you. How did we ever survive those bitter cold snowy weekends? It had to be our youth. :) I also remember the unheated bathrooms! :dead: I don't think I'd want to camp in those poorly heated vans and unheated tents today. There was condensation.... boy oh boy, was there condensation! :eek: Drip! Drip! Great memories though, and the other campers were all so friendly in those days.
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C Nash - 11/19/2008 7:46 PM Don't miss some of the best camping (cold) :) . We have been in the Tenn. Mnts when the temps were in the teens and the ice show and snow was great. Not crowded and sometimes the CGs offer some great rates. :)

I read somewhere that many CGs lower the rates in winter. We also always ask for a Senior discount. One place gave us a Veterans discount. :)

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Hey Chelse, I don't know about the drive through the National Forest (Geronimo), but I went on a curvy steep climb up and over the mountains to Silver City yesterday (HWY 152). The big bad Dodge didn't miss a beat. We drove back to the campground I suggested to you last year, Lakeside RV Park, the long way via Deming, NM. :eek:


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Hey DL was you being pulled by a Chevy or Ford???? JUST KIDDING YOU. I have a son how owns a big bad Dodge and he swears by it. anyway happy Thanksgiving to you and all the full timers

C Nash

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Hwy 152 was a seanic drive DL. LakesideRV park was pretty nice when we were there and the office people were super. Met us at the MH with a welcome and led us to our site and asked if we need help sitting up. Accepted pasport America also which really helped.


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I'm new here and was reading about suggestions for a winter camper. The last post I read said something like: move to Texas vs. snow areas. I've considered Texas but love the snow and get sick in the heat! My brother lives in Texas and another relative in Bossier City LA. I'm wondering if best for cold weather would also be best for hot hot weather?