Winter in the Midwest - tips?


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We just sold our house, and my family and I (including small children) are now staying in our Puma by Palomino 30' RV parked at my parents' house in the country until we find our next home. We aren't using the toilet or any water in the RV; we're using my parents' house for such. We're in Iowa and it's February. This week it's below freezing with high winds. (Obviously not ideal but it is what it is.) What tips and tricks do you have for RV living in a Midwest winter to keep warm and such?

C Nash

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Has the water system been winterized? Foil on windows, plenty of propane to keep the furnace going. Electric heaters will help but have to manage current draw. Are you hooke to 30 or 50 amp service. Somekind of under pinning helps.good luck rvs are just not made for winter living even though I am in one and the temps will be below freezing here in Alabama. Good luck