Winter trip to US


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Hi all This is my first post here. My wife and I are planning a trip to the US South west for a long winter break. We are from the UK so our visa allows us 90 days which we hope to make full use of. We are also new to the RV life so it will be quite an adventure! I have loads of questions but to get things started, are we likely to have any issues finding sites during the time of our trip? We arrive Dec q and will sty through to Feb 28. We aim to stay where the sunshine is as much as possible. So AZ and south CA will be where we plan to cruise around. Also, RV rental. Any suggestions on good/bad places to rent from? And the RV itself. We would like a decent sized bed and have been looking at the 28 foot vehicles with rear island bed. Any thoughts? And any suggestions generally? All advice gratefully received! Thanks Mark


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Sounds like you have a good start with the 28' model. It should be big enough for living and small enough to get to sight see. Other than Xmas and New Years you should not need reservations. Plus with the rig you have selected you could boondock(free or little cost area for over night with no hookups, just a open area of desert or forest or beach to park). I do not know much about the rentals so no comment there. If you fly into the LA area(a good place to start) just head eat 3-4 hours and you can begin your adventure. The Palm Springs area has two major National parks to see within an hour plus attractions. Then a bit south an hour is the largest Cal. State park with some short hikes and desert art(large metal figures. We have travele dAZ for 6 winters now and have yet to run out of things to see or do. Give us a bit on what you are looking for and we can limit our comments to that subject. Your weather during this time can be from light freeze at night with chilly winds during the day to shorts and sun burn times but mostly from 40 to 70 degrees. Fuel and laundry are everywhere as are RV parks of high to middle to low cost depending on budget and wants. We might even see you there. Your time there will allow you to see the RV show at Quartzite AZ at the last part of Jan. Something no RVer should miss.