We get our motorhome winterized every year before the first frost. But, after talking with other campers a few have said they do not winterize their motorhome. They claim they leave it plugged in and the heat on. We were told that you MUST winterize it or your pipes will freeze and crack.

Do you have to winterize a motorhome or can you plug it in and leave the heat on?

Thank you.


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Re: Winter

Hello Betty and welcome to the forum. I think it's personal as which way to go. I always winterized mine around middle of Dec. I have a friend who does not, he has a propane tank next to his pole barn where he keeps his MH and keep the heat on and he has never had any problem. His neighbor has a TT and does the same thing. I just prefer to winterize mine, it easy and I feel safe with being winterized. So good luck on your decision.


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Re: Winter

I don't see the big deal about winterizing. I camp through Thanksgiving, winterize, and unwinterize to camp over New Year's then winterize again. It costs $10 - $12 bucks and takes 30 minutes with the right equipment and the right help. We went camping this weekend and just lived off of bottled water because we were pressed for time but still wanted to be able to relax a bit. It's no big deal...I would think a few hundred bucks on a preventable repair would be, though. And, why waste the energy to heat a camper you're not camping in?