Wintering in Minot ND??


I'm trying to figure out if there is any place to winter in Minot, North Dakota. We're thinking of living there year-round for the next two years in our RV.

We're just delving into the possibility, and it would have to be cheaper than renting a house. (Under $300 a month)

I've looked up the RV parks in Minot and none of them are open year round..... any suggestions?


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Wintering in Minot ND??

Too Cold up there in the winter for RVING, in my opinion. You better make sure your TT/RV can withstand sub-zero weather.
have fun and take lots of blankets... :approve:


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Wintering in Minot ND??

That's the whole point of having an RV... To get OUT of North Dakota in the winter :)

As Archer says, besides being uncomfortable in that much cold, many trailers and some RVs will split their tanks and/or plumbing due to freezing. This can be overcome, but not easily.

As for where, call the RV parks. One may be willing to work out some kind of deal with you, particularly based on a yearly contract. Failing that, put an ad in the local papers looking for someone who will rent you space and services. Or you could look for a small plot of land and buy it, then sell it when you are done (or keep it for future use). If no land with services is available, then perhaps buy a house and rent it out, with your trailer on the property.
Wintering in Minot ND??

Even if your RV could weather it (which I doubt anyone could), you will not find any RV park open in the winter. They pretty much all close up after Labor Day in this part of the country. :(