Wiring Diagram


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The refrigerator isn't coming on, when plugged into 110VAC. I have checked for 12VDC right at the input terminals of the fridge, but there is nothing there, so it's obviously a voltage supply problem to the fridge, not a problem with the fridge, itself.

Next, I went to the converter and found that it is putting out the 12VDC like it's supposed to. So far, so good.

Finally, I went to the fuse panel on the outside of the RV, but there is no fuse labeled "Reefer" or "Refrigerator." (All of the labelled fuses in the panel were fine, anyway)

So now I'm at loss as to how to trace the wiring from the converter to the fridge, itself, since I don't have a wiring diagram for the RV. The owner's manual doesn't include such a wiring diagram.

Does such a wiring diagram exist, somewhere? If anyone has one and would be so kind as to snap a picture of it, I would be forever grateful. Or if anyone could guide me to where I might be able to purchase one, that would be likewise appreciated.

Thank you.