World 6 speed - overcharging issue


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Hey allisonman! I see you have helped alot of people here! Can you try this one out for me? I have 2000 Fleetwood Discovery with a 6 speed allison. When I start the vehicle I get some eratic charging rates showing on the volt meter in the dash! First it drops to 10 volts and then shoots up to 18 volts and back and forth and so on. When I put the transmission in drive, the volt meter goes to about 15 volts and holds there. When I start driving and the trany is shifting through the gears, The voltage shown on meter seems to increase with the RPMs! As my RPMs aproach the shifting point the voltage will be over 18 volts and the Battery light comes on! Now you would think I have a battery or alternator problem going on! But! I have do the following in this order:

When the problem first started I checked the batteries,
The I replaced the alternator - no change

I put the coach into a Freightliner dealer for service, They replaced the chassis batteries and told me the alternator was most likely the problem.

I replaced the alternator again - no change

I contacted Freightliner's customer help center, They told me that the only thing that would cause overcharging is a bad ground so I have removed and cleaned all terminals, and grounds. - still no change!

So my question is do you think my voltage problem is related to the transmission in any way?