Would like some tips !!!

I just bought a 1991 Monaco dynasty, and I am a first time Rv'er, drove it from CA. to Tx. and perfect mechanical condition, but the coach does need some TLC wich I will do if I knew were to start looking, I need some gasquets for the wind shield and door and some compartments, they are all cracking pretty bad, were could I find these items and whats a good web site to get things for a 17 year old coach, thanks..........N.
RE: Would like some tips !!!

most of the rubber trims and stuff can be ordered or bought at most trailer dealers, camping world, and even lowes.some times however youl have to find something close,and modify it to work.always carry a couple extra tubes of supper glue!.
Re: Would like some tips !!!

Thanks a million, I have found the glass strips, so I will get on it asap..........I will check the monaco web site also, thanks.......N.