Yet another Newby!

All you really experienced people must be so sick of responding to the same-old questions :)
But we are really grateful that you do...just bought a new Itasca Navion but can't pick it up
until the snow flies so am trying to learn as much as poss. and as you can probably guess,
have only rented before and not really paid enough attention to ALL the gear. Can you explain
about the Y section a little more? I'm getting that it hooks up the water but where to go from there......


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Re: Yet another Newby!

Y section? Could you be more specific?

The only 'Y' I know about which has anything to do with the water line, is those adapters you screw onto a hose, and then can screw 2 hoses onto. If each of the 2 new hose outputs has an on/off valve on it, it can be of use to the RVer in 2 ways.

The first way is if you have some kind of tank flushing system, you can connect it up without disconnecting your water line. NOTE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN ANTI BACKFLOW VALVE between the drinking system and the sewage system. Also, use a different color hose ALWAYS to hook to the sewage system. Gray is traditional, but anything other than white (which indicates drinking water safe) will do.

The other use is if you need to share a water source with someone else. I pulled into a campground in Ohio, where the water source I was supposed to hook to was rusted through and sprayed water in all directions when turned on. They could not fix it 'then', so they tapped me off the water source of the site next to me using a Y. They provided the Y adapter in that case, which is good because I left before the other guy was up and left the Y behind. I had a good Y but didn't tell them that, and now I also carry a cheapo Y in case I might have to leave it behind.
Re: Yet another Newby!

Thanks, Hertig...this is exactly the info I was looking for. Now I know
to make sure to check if there is a flush system as standard equipment
(which I doubt) and at least I'll know to get a better look at the shape and slope of
the tanks - wish the Winnebago web site would attach manuals so that
you could check this out.


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Re: Yet another Newby!

There are built in flush systems standard, or they can be added later. Then there are 'outlet based' flush systems where you flush back up the dump pipe, and 'toilet based' flush systems (stick a wand down the toilet). The built ins are about $30 plus installation and seem to work the best. The drain based ones just hook to the drain pipe. There are 2 types, the ones which shoot water back up the pipe, with variable effectiveness depending on the pipe geometry, and the ones which allow you to backfill the tank. About 30 either way. I couldn't make up my mind which I liked better, so I made my own which did both. The wands are maybe 10 and work pretty good, but they are a royal pain to use. After being spoiled by the builtin, I think I'll always go that route.