Since my 5th wheel is 11'3" tall, is there a particular entrance that I have to go through from the San Diego area? We are going to leave on a Friday afternoon and stay in Tulare at the WalMart before proceeding on to our reservation at Upper Pines on Saturday morning. At 56, I don't want to fall asleep at the wheel on an all or bust non-stop drive. My wife won't drive the trailer. I have read that there are tunnels that will not accept that 11'3" height. The South entrance is the fastest. I am going there at Thanksgiving for a week. I was going to have dinner at the Ahwahnee until I was told of the $110/person price tag. I assume that Elton John will be playing the piano or Billy Joel would do, I guess. But we decided to skip the "concert tickets" and defer to the Yosemite Lodge for $28/plate.