Zep wet floor wax on motorhome

C Nash

Senior Member
5year ago I did the Zep wax on our HR Vactioner mh. Wash with comet before appling and put seven VERY light coats on small section at a time. Awesome shine with no buffing. Now 5 yr later and time to remove old wax and reapply if these old bones can do again. Zep makes a wax remover but heard mild solution of amonia will work. Did wash rear fiberglass and looks good. The zep wax may not be a good idea in high heat/sun areas

House Husband

New Member
I use Zep floor coating remover to redo the Zep Wet Look Acrylic Polymer. If Zep Wet Look was a wax, you could wash it off with a good soap. It is not a wax.