About time for a roll call


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Nice group. I check in once in a while.. going to spend next week on the Oregon coast in the WB View.. then take our tear to a tear gathering at Lake Shasta in April and still getting ready to take the WB View to Alaska starting the middle of May for about 6 weeks. Hope to plant a few things in the garden and mow the yard while I'm resting up... Had to have a new transmission put in the View.. That is what happens when you buy something used. I have read a lot of forums re:Sprinters and not a word about bad trannies. Problems with the blowers mostly but not the tranny.. guess I just got lucky,, ha, Had Mercedes do it so it should be done right. If not it will be a long tow along the CanAm hwy. Life is full of risks and even staying home is a risk...

C Nash

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Sounds good Doug. If it is man made it can break. Glad you got the View fixed. You will enjoy the Alaska trip. Take your time and get the Mile post book. Be sure to take something to hang in the tag jungle. Look for mine there. LOL

C Nash

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Well the name of town escapes me right now Doug LOL. The Mile Post book will tell you. Be sure to get it. Will think of the town later but sure some of the others will remember.


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Hi Folks, Rick here in the SF Bay Area. New to the group. I have a 1986 Komfort 27ft Class A. Ive fixed many of the things that needed fixing, now new things are popping up (lol). I'll always have questions. Thanks!
Just jumped back on after too long away...already a couple of trips in our 2012 ACE 29.2 under our belts this spring after a move from Virginia to North Carolina over the winter...