Allison Transmission Questions


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I have a 2004 foretravel with Cummings and Allison 4000. On my trip to get it serviced the transmission temp got to 237 And would only drop to 230-235. Coolant temp was in the normal range 188-195. the trans temp usually stays in that range. Highest I have ever seen it was 214. Go to the service center and checked on the keypad and it showed normal. No codes showed up either. it seemed a little sluggish but seemed to shift ok. Service center said the dipstick was way overfull. The color was reddish brown not like trans-syn. Didn’t seem to have any coolant in it. Coolant wasn’t low. Decided to change all trans filters and put in new fluid. They put in 8 gallons as usual dipstick showed high and the keypad showed 3 qts high. Drained out the 3qts. Keypad showed ok but the dipstick was still high. Drove 20 Nox Vidmate VLC miles and the temp got to 215 and wouldn’t come down as would be expected with unit in neutral. Fans were running in high all the time. Usually they drop to low in a couple minutes after stopping. any help would be appreciated. Thanks Bruce
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