Ammonia smell in refer!

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Have you searched the web for a replacement cooling unit. Just do a google search for RV Cooling unit...Most of the replacement cooling units are easy do it yourself job. They will have a 3 to 5 year warranty. A lot cheaper than purchasing a New complete refrig for $1000's of dollars.
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I would hardly call that an easy job for someone with no experience. Not saying it can't be done, but not what I call easy. Also, a replacement cooling unit from Norcold would have a ONE year warranty. Maybe some other suppliers/makers offer more, but I deal with Dometic and Norcold.
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Sorry for the delay getting back to you, been out sick.

A 621 and 641 are the same refer. One number is OEM and the other is after market. In other words if you have a 621, the replacement is a 641.
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Gosh, Ken! I'm sorry you have been ill. Hope you're feeling better soon.
At least I'm not going nuts confusing the two (621 and 641) as they looked the same to me. I think I get it now as far as the OEM an after market. Sometimes I'm really dumb! :eek:

P.S. Did you get my pm? Thanks again!
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dforce.. I did look for replacement cooling units and found that although I may be able to do it (it's just that I haven't tried that yet) and not like I have extra money these days, I figured I'd go with a new one with a warranty and all that. I've found new Norcold's from $900's to $1500's for the same fridge. Plus, now that I know I need a new fridge, I can actually plan for it rather than have a big surprise! :eek: which is what normally happens.

I thank you for your help!
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SmokinT, I installed an N641 this week for 1,195.00. Now I know why I dont have any money.....

That Lowes refer will plug into the same outlet, but don't forget to plug that LP line!!
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Kenneth! Well, you did say that you preferred the Norcold to the Dometic! ;) I guess if I had a "nicer, newer" RV I wouldn't hesitate about getting a "proper" fridge, but it's just me and my half-blind dog who couldn't care less. Thanks for the tip about plugging the LP hole! How about I plug it with a big glop of silicone? :question:

I've been working on cleaning up all the old caulking on the roof and putting new stuff on. What a chore, but we've been having some good rain here today and when I checked, everywhere I had replaced the old stuff worked! No leaks! Of course I'm also in the process of replacing the wood in the overhead bunk from previous problems! Oh well, the more I do for myself, the more I learn and the less it costs. More moolah for fun stuff like actually camping! whoo hoo!
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Teri, please don't take any chances with that LP line. Silicone wouldn't be a 'sure' way to keep it sealed off.

They make things that will cap that line (ask at the hardware section/store), but you could also crimp and solder the end closed.

Be sure and check whatever you do for leaks. That stuff will sneak up on you (or the next guy.) :clown:


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Gas lines which were removed and not capped properly are the #1 cause of propane fires and problems, according to the insurance institute. Silicone rubber just won't do the job.