Arming one's self?

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RE: Arming one's self?

For any misguided bleeding hearts out in RV land locked and loaded means: Round in the chamber, saftey off, pistol/rifle/shotgun ready to go (no trigger locks) and you had better have good intentions if you come to see me late at night or on the lonesome highway. USMC Recon trained expert rifle/pistol and know what I'm doing. I also carry bear pepper spray just in case I think someone is kidding.

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Re: Arming one's self?

This might help
How to install a poor-folk's security system:

1) Go to a second-hand store, buy a pair of men's used work boots, a really big pair.

2) Put them outside your front door on top of a copy of "Guns and Ammo" magazine.

3) Put a dog dish beside it. A really big dog dish.

4) Leave a note on your front door that says: "Bubba, Big Mike and I have gone to get more ammo - back in an hour. Leave the Pit bulls alone, they're p****d since they've just been castrated."
:laugh: :eek: :evil:
RE: Arming one's self?

I have had a Texas Concealed Carry Permit for years and I travel with my weapon at all times. Not that I'm afraid or anything, but it has become second nature to me. Picking up my weapon is as natural as geting my wallet.
Having said that I feel very strongly that if either of you has any doubts, fears or objections of any kind then a firearm is NOT for you and you would be safer without it. You have both got to totally agree and both be totally committed. Take a firearms safety course and get whatever license your state offers (many states have reciprocal agreements with firearm licenses). Just taking the course will help you make the decision. No one else can make the call for you. You must get yourself informed and make your own choice, but remember - you are responsible for whatever happens with a gun. If you are with others the safest place for any firearm is ON YOUR PERSON (concealed, of course). That way you have total control. If you can't do this then keep it in a gun safe and well hidden. I never talk about it or advertise the fact that I'm armed and no one knows or cares, but me and my family are protected.
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Take a couple of weeks and monitor the news. Then ask yourself this question> Do I want a Liberal Lawyer like Hillary Clinton covering my six or do I want a couple guys named Smith and Wesson doing the job.
I would rather be strapped in the chair than visiting my families grave. At least I would die a MAN.
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Re: Arming one's self?

If Hillary Clinton runs for President, I think the end is near....How stupid we must be to think someone like her can get elected, since she couldn't move back to their "home" state because they knew she couldn't get elected there, so went to New York and ya know the rest of the story.
RE: Arming one's self?

I own a variety of firearms and have since I was given a singleshot .22 rifle at the age of 9. I am an avid hunter and a strong proponent of the Right to carry. I feel that the Right to carry also places a huge burden of responsibility on those that choose to carry. My thoughts ( and personal practices ) are:

1) Get the book. It's great!

2) Take a self defense course. Repeat the course every 5 or 6 years. Knowledge gets stale as do reflexes.

3) Consider very carefully what you carry. My wife and I both carry .45 semi auto pistols. While the .45 with standard ammo would penetrate the walls of every RV is a park - that is not what we carry. There are rounds called "Frangible" ammunition, like the Glaser Safety Slug that are very effective agains "soft targets" but will not penetrate the side of an RV - or a hotel room wall because of their construction and materials.

4) If you are not comfortable with sidearms and lean towards the shotgun mentioned in an earlier post - that's fine. But, PLEASE talk to law enforcement or the folks at the self defense course about ammunition. A 12 ga shotgun with the right ( or wrong ) ammunition can be far more dangerouse than a 9mm with NATO Ball ammo.

5) According to carry and hunting laws in the states that I most frequently travel in ( mainly the southeast and southwest ), a firearm is considered to be loaded if the clip is loaded. The clip could be in the glove box and the poiece in the console with an empty chamber. No matter. The clip is a required component of the piece and if it is loaded, so is the piece.

I do not travel anywhere ( unless flying commercial ) without my trusty old Kimber .45. I am very safe, I understand what it will do and respect the piece. I shoot a hundred rounds or more each month. To carry or not is your choice. However, if you do, I beg of you to Carry Smart!


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Cant help but laugh to myself reading some of these replys. We are fortunate that in this country we have the right and privaledge to bear arms (well most of us). Unfortunately, our laws protect the criminals and the idiots. However, if you continue to analyze the details on this and that, you will eventually talk yourself out of providing a means of defending yourself. Guess what happens then if this continues on a grand scale? Only criminals have the upper hand, leaving you with pepper spray??? or how about a pair of tweezers to poke with. Sounds great, not only does an attacker have the element of surprise, but you have just made his job easy by choosing to defend yourself with your toothbrush. My parents are both attourneys so I have grown up a little more enlightened than most people about some of the everyday terrible things that happen around us. The fact that people are obtaining concealed permits does not bother me. Those people have undergone a background check and are pursuing things according to the law. PS Those are the good guys hopefully - the people who have good credit with the law - you know the ones not likely to kill you while robbing your rv. Why are you worried about what the law will say if it means that you prevented someone from murdering you or your loved ones? Better to have the best means of defense and never use it than to be lacking and lose your life. If someone threatens my life or someone I love, I will not as much flinch or miss and I will not aim for a toe or for a finger either. They have conciously made their choice and I with mine. If you dont feel comfortable using a gun, get training - its valuable and fun.

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Re: Arming one's self?

Too bad 1 or 2 students or professors at Virgina Tech weren't locked and loaded when the massacre started. The nasty little demented terrorist, yes terrorist, may have been stopped before 32 people were killed. Gun control would not have stopped him from getting his pistols either. :dead: :dead: Where there is a will there is a way. :evil:
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I also have a CCW, permit.. I believe in carrying..Here is a little story that took place..A woman was shopping at a Walley world , when her estranged husband , came in and either shot her or stabbed her, several times while onlookers stared in fear.. 1 person acting alone who was carrying, shot the attacker after trying to get him to stop.. As for the repocussions afterwards I really can't remember because this was some time back,I think they weren't that bad for the person saveing the lady.. I would hate being the one to pull the trigger , but I would hate myself more walking away when I might have been able to save a life..

Here is a quote I found on the internet,

Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one.
--Thomas Jefferson
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As a new member and a retired Police Officer (Federal) I figure I will put my two cents into this posting.
I believe every law abiding person who feels comfortable with a weapon should own one and carry it.
I do believe that each person needs good instruction and practice regularly. If a handgun is out of the question, then a 20 ga. shotgun
is a good defense weapon. If you don't like firearms, get a good dog. Pepper spray is good in an emergency when all conditions are in your favor.
As for reprecussions, the old adage, "Better to be tried by 12 then carried by 6!" still applies.
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I guess my user name also gives a clue to where I stand......

Just a couple of random thoughts:
I have absolutely no problem with people who feel it's the Government's responsibility to protect them...that's great..just don't tell me that I don't have the right to defend my family. Our police departments do a fantastic job sorting out the details and cleaning up the mess "after" the incident but they just can't be everywhere all of the time when the SHTF. As a last resort, it's your responsibility to provide for your safety and the safety of your family.

I urge all of the folks who are sitting on the fence and the ones that have already decided guns are evil to at least go shooting with a trusted friend or attend a basic firearms class so you can make an informed decision. If you are still anti gun after that at least you can argue from a position of knowledge.

Are there idiots out there that shouldn't have guns? Yes....there are also idiots that shouldn't be allowed to drive or have children. When I see someone abusing a vehicle or driving recklessly my first thought isn't "Gee whiz...we should take cars away from everybody" Give legitimate gun owners the same consideration.

The last thing I want to do is shoot someone. I work in one of the most dangerous cities in California and carry a concealed handgun (legally), every day. If someone wants my car, my wallet or anything else of value I will hand it over. If they leave I would consider that a win for me...if they are not satisfied with just taking my "stuff" and seem intent on harming me just for sport, then I will do whatever I need to do so that I can go home to my family at the end of the day.

Sorry for the rant....too much coffee this morning!
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When anybody is traveling or camping all the bad guys out there know we have money and a bunch of sellable stuff with us. An unarmed camper in a rustic camping spot is defenesless. I have always been ultra safe with firearms to the point that my son would roll his eyes every time i would preach safety to him.
If you are just adults taveling you have to make up your mind if you would rather be dead or take the chance of a fine and loss of a firearm. I know it sounds a bit dramatic but many of us that worked hard and lived in nice areas never had a need for one.
The bad guys are looking for an easy buck and don't wan't witnesses.
Guns are one of the touchiest subjects in our nation and people will dissagree completely.
I am just one that likes to be prepared especially when it comes to my family.
Take a good firearms safety course and a small .410 shot gun can be had that shoots one round at a time for $70. If a person wants a hand gun, a revolver with safety bullets (Glaser Safety Slugs) can be had. The bullets are safe to the point they won't go through allot of hard material. I keep a safe at home and when the grandkids are coming the guns are put up. If ya travel with kids buy a metal baseball bat. Nuf said.
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"If ya travel with kids buy a metal baseball bat. Nuf said."

Make sure you also have a ball. without the ball the bat could be considered to be carried as a weapon. Gotta be one step ahead of the lawyers.
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We carry weapons here because of the lack of police. They just don't have the resources to cover the whole state. We also carry when camping as the laws permit. No National Parks, the State Parks here, you can carry as long as it is not loaded, but you can carry your ammo in you pocket. If you have a ccw permit you can carry in National Forests. The best source of info is Laws change frequently and we always look up and print copies of the laws for the states in which we plan to travel and take them with us. We also have knives, pepper spray and dogs.
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I was staying in a cg in Iowa,when a tornado came threw.This was in '96.Campers of every kind got damage of some
sort.I had a camper that had tipouts .(not slideouts)A big ole elm tree came down and damage my camper.But what was
funny was the tornado came first,followed by theives of all sorts.I was glade I was carrying.Myself and 2other campers
had to daytain a couple of theives.The county cops were glade we did have weapons.