Black streaks and general cleaning

Black streaks and general cleaning

KENNETH , if you need an extra truck and driver to haul out of Elkhart(area,Bristol,or,Nappannee) down to your shop I am looking for something for about 45 days till I go back to work.I live about an hour away from most of the factories .Let me know if you need a hand they finally got this truck fixed , changed the ECM and it drives like a brand new one . Thanks LEE
Black streaks and general cleaning

Lee, Just wanted you to know the Reliable was ordered today. They will probably get it shipped tomorrow.
I will keep you in mind when they start getting my trailers ready for delivery. I have 8 on order.
Glad your truck is back in form.
Black streaks and general cleaning

KENNETH, dont know if you followed up on the trans tread I had but the dealer finally changed the ECM and I have not had any problems with it . My mileage even picked some I believe, not sure though I have a lot of warmup time now Its been down around 0 at night this pass week ,but it sure runs better. thanks will let you know when the box arrives LEE
Black streaks and general cleaning

The very best product, and :bleh: the cheapest, to take off black streaks is AWESOME, bought at several dollar stores (Dollar Tree, etc.).
I use it full strength; spray it on, wipe the black streaks off.