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I have been researching class C’s. My wife and I ar in our late 60’s, and already own a travel trailer. We’re thinking of buying a class C instead of hauling the trailer. My confusion starts with the build of the camper. It seems that most are built in simple van chassis, that require modifications to make them safer and more roadworthy. If I’m spending $70-80,000 on a camper, shouldn’t I be able to get in and drive it? Then there’s new sway bars, springs, air bags, engine mods. The list seems endless. So, for you class C’ers, why should I change? Which require the least maintenance, and are most reliable. Too old to be crawling under vehicles. 😁

Cindy Hendricks

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Valid questions Mariot53. My parents had a Class C a long time ago and we all loved it. Can't wait to hear the feedback you get.

C Nash

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All will require maintiance. Look at the f450 or gm 4500 chassis. Lot depends on how you plan on using the rv. Depends on your expections. Most anything there are things you can do to improve. Most are made tp do what they are intended for straight off showroom floor. Most are not intended for off road use. The higher end class cs will run well over 1 hundred K. Just do your homework.