defense shotgun?

Re: defense shotgun?

DL Rupper,

Shame on you for using a pun like ...."are you trying to fire this up again?"
The young man was talking about weapons in Aussie land and I was curious at their crime rate. Now if you aren't interested then don't wait for his response.
Re: defense shotgun?

Any federal property it is illegal to carry even an off duty local officer can not carry in a federal park (legally). However it is officer discretion for the most part ie the park rangers if they will let an off duty officer carry or not. For everyone else one way is not to display as mentioned above nor do not threaten other campers with it, keep it in the camper and use when needed no one knows no one cares its there. I would look into the .410 revolver, its big for a revolver (size) but is easier to hide in your rig than a full size shotgun and a very effective round for close quarters. When on the road it would be best to keep unloaded, if you have a revolver keep a loaded cylinder by your side not in the gun. As always look at state laws and boarder crossings, don't let a small object ruin the trip.


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Re: defense shotgun?

I saw the perfect shotgun for RVers. 12ga, fully auto, drum magazine. Available rounds include not only standard shot, but high explosive rockets with a range of 170 yards.
RE: defense shotgun?

Awhile back I ran across a web site that has a book out with all 50 states listed and all the info per state about carrying concealed actually I bought 2 books 1 for me 1 for my father. The title of the book is TRAVELERS GUIDE to the Firearm Laws of the fifty states. Only bad thing about the book they update the book every year ..The web site is . . Under each state it states how you can carry in that state, even Vehicle Carry and Transportation.  In this section it list how hand gun are to b carried and rifles and shotguns which states can b loaded other states they have to b cased other states htat they have to b unloaded and cased...This book is real informative..Like I said I just ran across the web site.

I hope this helps alittle.

RE: defense shotgun?

Can I ask a basic question around this topic?

We are going to have our trailer parked seasonally right in our home state of Connecticut and will be using it only on weekends. Is RVing / Camping this unsafe that folks need to carry guns? Is this the type of people I will have surrounding my wife and children? I am not challenging it just trying to really understand the dangers.

Are there these types of dangers in seasonal camp grounds?

Need to keep this thread away from the wife. I grew up in the worst part of the South Bronx as a kid and this thread seems worse then living there
RE: defense shotgun?

The short time we have been RVing I have met some really nice people, I hope I never run into anybody like that while we are camping.. I just worry about who or what you may run into before you get from point A to point B.
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I too spent some time in southeast asia.I was pretty darn good on the job. Did'nt care much in cutting brush.
But as carrying goes,I carry anything I want..And I do keep it hidden.I sometimes say to myself "I'm getting to old for this stuff" :approve:
Re: defense shotgun?

John, there are a few words that we think we are too polite to put in our messages, because we know there are ladies that read our messages.

DL Rupper

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Re: defense shotgun?

Hey dougandbeth, This is basically the old gun control LIBERALS condemning our right to carry firearms vs those of us that choose to exercise our constitutional rights.

Most campgrounds are safe, but some of us camp out west in the boondocks and like sticwlkr posted, some of us travel extensively and you never know what might be waiting out on lonely roads. Just read the papers. I'm sure the victims of carjacking's and muggings wish they were carrying.

My RV is my home, so I carry my firearms as I have no other place to keep them. It boils down to this. Those of us that carry our firearms in our RV never try to tell the rest of the RV'ers to carry one. However, for some reason some RV'ers that don't carry firearms seem to think they are morally bound to tell us we are wrong and shouldn't carry them.

DON"T ASK AND WE WON"T TELL. This subject keeps coming up because someone asks. All I can say to those of you that ask, is don't get upset with the answer you receive. We are happy carrying and it certainly isn't hurting any liberals that I know of. So far I've never heard of any RV'ers shooting anyone in an RV Park.

Bottom Line: dougandbeth, you know your RV Parks and the people in Connecticut better than I do. That's one of the reasons I carry. I camp all over the USA and I don't know what the campers in each State are like.
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Last summer we were outside the Myrtle Beach area & Honey got talkin to the people next to us & he was a State Trooper from Conn. Honey(who can be a samrt alec) asked him if he brought his weapon with him. He said that state law in Conn prohbits HIM as an Officer from taking his issued weapon on vacation with him. Honey that ....stinks. He said that he could his PERSONAL
weapon but not the issued one. How much sense does that make :question: :question:
Darlin :cool:


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Re: defense shotgun?

And here I thought that a police officer was 'always on duty' and so was required to be armed at all times. I suppose some lawyer decided that the risk of being sued outweighed the benefit of the officer being armed with an 'official' weapon.
Re: defense shotgun?

There are a lot of SLICK lawyers out there trying to seperate us from our rights.

Weapons are like need more that just the basic knowledge. Breakdown & cleaning vs tire change & oil change.

I have met many people(men & women) who don't even know how to change their own tire. :(

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THISTOYISHERS - 12/31/2007 4:29 PM

Always check you never know when in this day and time they will stop youfor something rountine and get the permission to check your rv out if the guns are where they can see them.
take care,
"They" can only get "the permission" if you give it to them. Remedy for that, don't give the permission.

Re: defense shotgun?

This has always been my problem with firearms. I don't have a problem with folks having them. Where I have difficulty, is so many have them and have not been properly trained. Are not prepared to use them, although they "think" they are. Or their skills have diminished terribly.

We have so many folks here on Florida still driving cars that have no business behind the wheel and they also have guns too.........Yikes!!!!

I have a friend here who is 91 and his drivers license expires 2012. He has Colt .45 Army issue next to his bed, loaded clip in the pistol. Internet renewals are great aren't they???? Another who is 82 goes to bed every night after 4 vodka martinis and has his loaded 9mm next to his bed. Trying to explain this to them is impossible, they just refer me to the 2nd Amendment.
Re: defense shotgun?

Frank, why don't you forget the damn guns and work on the damn cars. You know more people are killed by cars than guns by orders of magnitude. Especially those mean old nasty SUVs! Why just the other day one of those mean old nasty SUVs ran over a child right in front of a school!

Isn't saving lives your agenda?

Work on the cars, Frank. You'll have better results and save more lives - maybe even your own.


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Re: defense shotgun?

How true you are tex. Had someone run over a youngster in a driveway the other day. And another two weeks ago hit a teenager in a hit and run.
Irks me people complaining about the people killed in Iraq. 4000 plus now but for same time period we had that many killed in every other state combined in drunk driving accidents. In Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and DC had that many killed in gang fights involving clubs and knives. Heck I would feel safer walking in a war zone than a lot of major cities in the US. Scary.
RE: defense shotgun?

Bad drivers is one reason we bought a bigger RV. As we speak I am installing a front end from a '53 Buick to my MH. I might even add a snow plow. The next guy who cuts me off as he is coming on an Interstate off a ramp is going to get the Full Frontal Monte.

As far as the guns are concerned I am digging a foxhole every evening in front of our MH. I have flares, grenades, trip wires and a Big Blaster Water gun. It holds 3 gallons of water. I am putting a red dye solution with Chlorine in it. I'll get those varmints.

Don't get me started on the Irag Police action.