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The Georgetown has a major problem with the roof structure next to the windshield. It is not strong enough to control roll and shift of the windshield frame and the "cap" connected to the roof. Major leaks and broken windshields. The dealer screwed an angle bracket to my dash to stop the windshield from migrating into the passenger compartment. Months later the roof became loose and caused a leak into the cabin area. The repair held for approximate. 650 miles or less. I noticed it first rain which was a few months later, past any warranties. I had to tarp the new coach through the winter. Spring the tarp came off. I noticed now the windshield has migrated out of the frame but, this time its coming out the top.
My research indicates that the structure is not rigid enough to prevent these problems. One dealer indicates that the two front jacks contributes to the problem. When they are used they put stress on the roof structure and adds to the problem.
Forest river is aware of the problems. They indicate that if "you" deliver the coach to Indiana, they will fix it for free. That's great for anyone who lives in Indiana. Unfortunately the "world"is really not that small. Its a known defect with this coach. Go to your local dealer, they will say nothing about it.
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yea :( ive had the same problem my glass guy was able too pop it back in and its been fine as long as i dont use the leveling jacks that cracks it every time 1000.00 :eek: :( down the drain and it leaks what are we going to do
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We have an '05 Georgetown that we bought new. Three years ago we had a stress fracture on one
side of the windshield just sitting in a campground. The dealer replaced it. Forest River told them
they would replace it only once. They claimed there was too much stress put on it by jacking it
up with the levels. OK> What are levels for? DUH

Now here we are three years later, just pulled into a campground this morn. Noticed this afternoon
both windshields are badly cracked from top outside corners all the way down. So bad that it's not
safe to drive.

Have contacted my insurance company and tomorrow plan to have a show down with Forest River,
though I doubt it will do any good.

C Nash

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Wow and the Forest River problems just keep coming. welcome to the forum Pat and let us know how you come out.


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Looks Like they have given you an out. And given the problem it maybe your only recourse. Looking at the cost of new wind screens, you might make the best of it and see some country on the way there and back. Plus with the out of pocket costs involved the trip might look cheaper as time goes on. An other though if your jacks are 4 point converting to 3 point(one in front might cure the problem also.

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I have a 04 370 xl ,with the same problems. It has been back to the factory three times now in the shop how for leaks and windshield moving.
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Well, have been on the phone all day. Insurance will cover but with $1000 deductible.
Plus we are gonna take it to the dealer and they are not a preferred repair facility,
so no telling what we will have to pay.

The dealer does not really want to do it. They referred us to the manufacturer. We
called Forest River. They told us to send them pictures of the windows, which I did.
The man called us back and said if we would bring the RV to Indiana they would be
glad to look at it!!!

I know this is a factory defect and now our RV has zero resale value.

C Nash

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I am hearing of a lot of this problem with the Georgetown MHs. Might be time for all owners that have had this problem to ban together. Don't Buffet or some garu own Forest River? I know there are proper procedures on using the leveling system but others are not having this problem with the four lift system.
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The first trip to the factory for windshield , among other things,they installed a auto leveling system on my MH. It didn't help much,firt trip left side cracked . The windshield was out on the right when the driver put it in my driveway.The glue came loose holding the gasket. They reglued the gasket after they tried to get the sides stright with the front cap.,that is when the leaks started,and still leaking on the windshield is moving to the left side again. The stab. jack haven't got the problems solved. The Cap was installed out of line with the roof and sides. You can see this with a stright edge and looking from of MH. The leaks in my MH are worse when we are on the road ,drive side, comeing out from the wall and cabnet . It's going back to the shop next week.


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well Louis I hope you get this resolved with little water damage. This kind of service give MH manufactors a bad name. But some deserve it and so do some dealers. This put a burden on some of of RVers. anyway good luck
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We taped the windows with Gorilla tape and took it to the nearest RV dealer
which also happened to be the same RV dealer we bought it from..

When they saw the pictures I had taken of the windows they had to admit it had
to be something not right. they say they will turn it in as a warranty item. But
replacing the windows will not solve the problem.

I'm sure we will have a fight on our hands with Forrestriver.

I filed a report with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Admin.
They said they had other reports on file for the '04 and '05 Georgetown.


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well all i got to say is here we go again ,, i have had 3 ,, yes 3 new 2008 FR mini mh's .. with a converter problem ,, and all 3 had the converter in a rear copartment ,, and the converter had a plastic cover on it ,, no holes anywhere ,, and it was sealed up with putty tape ,, now how can that thing get air??? i contacted FR on the first one ,, but they pushed me off to the converter company ,, well they covered it under warrnty ,, but now to see what happens with the next 2 ,, i think FR should pull all their rv's ,, and really take a look at the stuff that is done to them ,, and i know i''l get flack about this ,, but i think it's a lazy rv company that don't want to pay for good labor ,, and just want to meet the proffit margin ,, and rv count ,, but it's MO ,, so there ,, and also i have had a few call outs on the post about the windsheilds ,, and know help from FR ,, they want to pass the buck ,, sorry about all the probs u all are having ,, but it seems to be a trend ,, and a major one at that ,,, but what do i know ,, i only fix these beast ,, i am not a dealer or a Engineer ,, JMO :( :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve:
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Well, our MH is currently with the dealer.
They have contacted FR but don't have any
response yet. The dealer even admits that
replacing the windows would just be putting
a bandaid on the problem.

So, we will wait and see what FR does. :laugh:
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someone has posed the theory to us that it could be a problem
with the Lippert leveling jack system causing the problem.

anybody ever heard of problems with them?
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I strongly encourage everyone who has or is having a problem with the
Georgetown windshields to file a complaint with the National Highway Safety
and Traffic Administration. There are already 8 complaints on record.

We need this for documentation.

Our dealer who has our RV has been avoiding our calls,etc. We contacted
the warranty manager at Forest River and was told that they had given the
dealer the option of letting our insurance cover the window replacement or
bringing the RV to Indiana to be fixed.

Neither option is agreeable to us. We will be visiting our attorney today.