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Well, we have not taken a long trip in it until this Sept. We got setup in the campground
ok, no cracking, but while we were camped I was pulling back the front curtains and found
a problem. In the right corner of the dash it is pulling away from the windshield, or I guess
really the frame. But it's right at the bottom corner of the windshield.

I don't know what we are going to do yet. My husband has been too busy to do anything yet.
I might take it in to the local RV repair shop and see what they think.
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Has the factory tried to move the roof to get the windshield to stay in? They did mine two times and put a brace from side to side at the top to keep the gasket from pulling away from the cap. It hasn't work yet but it did cause a roof leak over the driver side. It is still leaking right now and has rotted the roof in the corner about a foot square or so. The factory wants to cover it up to keep it from leaking . The carpet has mold growing from it under the dash .I asked what about the floor under the carpet ,they said it will be fine when it dries out. Like I really believe that . After five times back to the factory and 10,000 miles on my mortor home I am getting a little tired of it all and will take differant action if they don't want to make it good. I will keep you posted.
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I don't now exactly what they did, they just said they reinforced the roof.

Have you been taking yours back and forth to Indiana? Do they reimburse
your travel expenses? We don't live anywhere near Indiana.
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They have sent RV Transport to pick it up at my house in Mississippi and they returned it to my house. Five times they wash it and put the gas back in it at the same leavel they picked it up. Like I said five trips,three with in four months in 2007. I have keep all my papers on the problems and all pictures of the problems. I have ask them to pay this one off and I would buy another Georgetown with no luck. It was after they installed the roof brace that it started to leak where the top and the front cap come together. It would leak worse when you were driving. The roof is rotten now and is at a dealership . They said all the factory wants them to do is cover it up so it will not leak.Kind of like they did the last time they had at the factory in Jan.09 . They said the roof cann't be patched it will have to be replaced if you want it to not leak.

The bracket they installed you can see at the top corners . A plate comes down and is bolted to the tubeing at the front of the walls.Look at the cornes of the cabnets. The bracket they install comeing down the walls broke on both sides.ayou have to take the trim off to see this,and I did to show them there fix broke. In the first place they didn't come up with is fix,A owner in Cal. Made this fix and us on the forum told hem to give it to the factory and let them fix his motor home.

Have they put a new flat screen TV in your motor home? They did mine along with new up grade lights inside, crown molding all round,new dash that had rotten out,new back up cameria that has quit working again,a EFI stablizing system,and repainted the body. Oh they try cover up real well.

Let me hear from you.
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WOW! Traded in our 24ft Coachman Freelander for an 08 GerogeTown XL. Got a great deal. Been driving it for 10K now but have not expereinced any windshield/leaking problems. Leveling system sounds wierd now and then but has always worked ok. It this problem specific to a certain production year?
Anyone had problems with cold air flowing from the dash area on the passengers side?
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Traded in our 24 ft Coachman Freelander for a 08 Georgetown XL. Got a great deal and have enjoyed it for 10K miles now. Have not had any windshield/leaking problems. The leveling systems sounds weird now and then but has worked okay even on extreme situations. Is this leaking windshield problem specific to a certain production year?

Has anyone experienced problems with cold air blowing from under the dash on the passenger’s side?
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Love mine. NO problems like those reported. Getting ready for a 2 month trip to the Oregon coast. That should confirm any problems! :)