GPS.... anyone ?

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Re: GPS.... anyone ?

krsmitty - 3/14/2011 6:39 AM
Triple E - 3/12/2011 7:19 PM

LEN - 3/12/2011 6:28 AM Better not sell the Nuvi too quick. If you travel anywhere the Cell can't get 3G you don't get the maps as the maps are down loaded as needed from the Net. You still have GPS just no map. LEN
Len, For$5.00 you can download copilot to your cell, smartphone, andyou will not loose your map or signal.

Copilot? Software?

Yep. You will be glad you did. Do not listen to anyone who has not used it. :approve: The same software used in the laptop version.

Version 9 will be released in a couple of months but not sure what the cost will be. Also the"Active Traffic" is worth the $9.99.


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RE: GPS.... anyone ?

I may not be expert in the area but have used a variety of GPS units in applications from motorcycle to auto and my Freelander 21 QB. I've stuck with Garmin throughout and have found their machines and support to be excellent.

Last year I upgraded to a NUVI unit with traffic alerts before a big trip through New England. The unit performed flawlessly. Unlike some earlier units, the NUVI only requires you to enter a destination (add stops along the way if you wish - called "via points") and it'll step you through your itineray from start to finish. I'm 63 and the screen size was a factor for me - needed to be able to see route info.

Not too sure about the concern over propane restrictions. The tank on my Freelander is not much larger than what you would find on a barbecue grill. I've been all over, through tunnels in New England states and across North Carolina and Tennessee with no problems.

Take a look at the Garmin products, you may see something you like. I finally caved and signed up for Lifetime Maps which gives you up to 4 map updates a year for life at a fixed price. Good value if you do a lot of traveling.

Good Luck! :)