HELP! Used RV Pricing info needed desperately!

I just sold my 1992 Holiday Rambler 1000 for a decent price. I wasn't looking to replace it right away, but saw a 2004 Monarch SE WKHSEDBD for sale. It has a bath and 1/2 and room for my dogs' crates. They're asking $79,900 for it. They sent pics, specs, etc. HOWEVER, their asking price is WAY above what I found in NADA at low retail and just below HIGH retail. They have it listed through a broker. ANy ideas at all about the TRUE pricing of Class A's? I've heard that NADA pricing is at least 20% above what it should be at LOW retail and can find NO one to help tell me about wholesale prices. RV dealers won't even give me a ball park about the trade in value unless I am willing to "bring it in" and buy a new one. I'm going to look at this on Friday, and want to be armed with some good info. Any help is appreciated!
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Why in a hurry ? Call your bank/credit union. also it is an 'asking' price, you don't have to offer that number. I personally think the low - high NADA retail is about right most of the time. If you have the time, check out PPL and see if they have a comparable rig. I sure would not worry about it being listed throu a 'broker'. Again your bank is your best bet, I believe.



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Re: HELP! Used RV Pricing info needed desperately!

Online NADA does not have wholesale, but the paper books do, both Blue Book and NADA. Your Bank/Credit Union should have copies you can look at, or your local library.

Retail price is what the average cost from a dealer is. Wholesale is what the dealer allegedly will pay for it. All prices assume that there is nothing but normal wear and tear on the unit; retail prices assume a full detail has been done.

So, from a dealer, I would shoot for low retail, and from a private party, wholesale or above, but not more than 1/2 way between wholesale and low retail. Again, anything more than normal wear and tear needs to be subtracted from any price listed.
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Again, check out, if you do a check against what they have sold and types of units, you will get a fair comparison. You should be
able to buy for less because, sellers have to pay commission for their service. Check with your bank/credit-union. they will tell you what its worth.
Your local library will have either the NADA book which shows wholesale.
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Don't Be Stupid!

It does not matter what a book or bank said a motorhome is worth (Both books and banks do not buy motorhomes).

It only matters what the market is bringing!

You have to do your homework (study recent sales and spend 4-6 months watching certain model motorhomes for what they sold for) or pay the price.

RE: HELP! Used RV Pricing info needed desperately!

John Mikle,

Why don't you tell LeeAnn where to obtain the info you speak of instead of disrespecting others with your comment?

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Another good price comparison -- much bigger listings than -- is