InterVec Falcon

Hello fellow b owners. Just purchased a Used 1984 Ford InterVec Falcon. Would really like to hear from current or former owners.Have questions and hopefully can get answers. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
InterVec Falcon

I too have a question. I have a 1991 Falcon with a bad driver-side upper window. Any Falcons out there being parted out? Thanks.

Fred Phillips
RE: InterVec Falcon

I wonder if the guy with the 91 Falcon got what he needed?

Any sources out there for getting a BASIC Owners mannual...? Something that covers the basics of a 91 Ford Falcon which I just bought...
RE: InterVec Falcon

Hello I recently purchased a 1992 Falcon 190 and have replumbed it and am reworking some other items in this unit if I can be of any help please E-Mail
I found a source for a holding tank but it is new and having to be built. I would love to find one in a salvage yard if possible. Any ideas? Call me 601.810.4431