man see if I can get something started


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Been in "Q" for a week now. Been to the Yaught club for fish and chips and Silly all's for pizza. Been through the show and side shows for 3 days, a lot of the same stuff and seems a bit high priced this year. Could it be age setting in "NAH". Had great camp fires and talk every night. Got a little rain last night to settle the dust. Wife says Anza Boreago (SP) next stop to watch the supper bowl and from there where the warm wind blows.


DL Rupper

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Damn y'all have good plans. I'm going to drive over to St Louis in Feb for a French Breakfast, Italian Lunch and a Chinese fried Rice dinner. Not too exciting, but better than sitting in the condo watching it snow. Take care on your travels and enjoy.
Kaye and I will be over in May driving route 66 . We will catch up a little closer to the time and perhaps meet up somewhere.Will be in a blue green Cadillac Eldorado convertible so you can't miss us.Regards BIG BILKO>:excitement:


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GREAT LOOKING PICTURES,looks like ya'll was boon docking, I know some do like to boon dock, however, I really don't like it, I prefer FHU.
Me to Hollis....FHU! However, they tell me you haven't done Q if you hooked up so along with the other 5,000 RVs, we had to boondock it.....for the "e-x-p-e-r-i-e-n-c-e". :stupid:

Ok we've done it and I'm sure some where along the way we'll have to do it again but it's not our drother (drother have full hook ups!).