October Meet and Greet

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DL, we probably won't hear your generator, because it's a diesel and you'll have it piped right back into your RV so you can smell the fumes! :clown:

DL Rupper

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As it stands right now, we are heading out for a stay on Lake Superior above Duluth, MN. From there we were thinking of going to Washington DC. We should be there sometime around October. So if something doesn't drastically change my plans, for instance, my failing 87 year old mother confined to a bed in a rest home in Dayton, OH, we are going to try to make the meet and greet.

I must say my wife told me not to mess with the refrigerator, but I decided to clean the board/contacts up anyway. What I forgot to do after I turned off the gas and unplugged the 115 V ac, was to switch the 12 V dc to off. Not a good move. I know they make a dinosaur board for the 14 year old Dometic refrigerator, however, I'm not entirely sure a new board will fix it. My track record with my wife isn't too good right now and she's afraid I'll really screw it up. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :bleh:


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well as ken and others have said ,, come on down ,, we can fix it right there ,, ken has agreat shop ,, and i'll do it for free ,, can't speak for ken though :laugh: but would be great if u all can make it ,, but as said ,, if u'r genset is too loud ,, u can park next to me ,, i am being put up in the north forty ,, due to loud genset ,, but not in this mh ,, it's about average noise ,, unless i decide to install a header on it before we go :eek: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

C Nash

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Rod recond Kens pasture is long enough for a good drag race. You bring yours and I'll bring my sons and we'll really blast some noise :laugh: :laugh:
Both them chevies should really sound off. :eek: :laugh:
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Nash, Hope you can make it!!

For some general information and for me to get a handle who is coming, I have added a page to my website. You will see a list of folks who are coming and are trying to.

Website: www.grandviewtrailersales.com

Click on the link on the left for: 2009 RVUSA Meet and Greet.
I am not inviting the world, so you will have to sign in to that page.
E-mail address to use: meet@rvusa.com
Password: meet
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Donna and I plan to be there.. I think this is going to be a blast and we are looking forward to meeting everyone!!



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Cindy just home school them for a week, which maybe even better, :laugh:. Anyway we all wish you could come and enjoy the friendship and fellowship, not to mention the food :approve: . You can stay at my place one night on your way up and on your way back if you light. I know you can drive here in one day as I have stayed in Ocala on my way back from West Palm Beach, and got home the next day. But we will understand if you can't make it and as Dave stated you will be missed.
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Sounds like fun. Love to meet some of you colorful folk.may have to miss it since I will start a new job. I was laid off recently. Maybe Tex can swing by Dallas and pick me up.
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Hey Ken, we would like to be there, but the USA needs me more than you guys do,
leaving on the 18th for a new world cruise,
will get back with you when I get back,
going now to spends a couple of days with dad and mom before I fly off into.......

so take care and remember us as we do our job.

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Tex. You rock. You guys have lot's of fun while I try to learn new ways to do things. Texas is wide open 200+ miles is no problem for us because at the end of the trip we have a nice cold beer and a good conversation. For that I will travel all day and night.