Removing Roof Plastic Coat

Does anyone have any tips on removing Roof plastic coat from seems and around vent covers. I do this every year, and man what a pain. Thanks for any help.

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Removing Roof Plastic Coat

Hi Terry6, it is as you say a real pain, I would suggest that after you get it removed this year, try a self leveling caulk (on the level surfaces) such as Dyco 20/20 or Dyco C-10 on the seams, clean all the areas first with denatured alohcol, after the seams are set up then go over them with Dyco 20/20 seam seal in the qts. paint it on with a 2" paint brush and then next yr all you'll have to do is check the seams and just paint a light coat of the 20/20 seam seal on or you maybe able to go 2 yrs. For vertical surfaces and over the tops of windows use a product called Pro-flex / Geocel it is available at most home improvement places or at rv service centers. Good luck. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:
Removing Roof Plastic Coat

I have found a peel & stick product designed for such an application. It is called Eternabond and has three different types, white, black or polyester surfaces are available usually at rv part outlets. The polyester surface has to be coated with an acrylic coating. The white and black need no further coatings and will last longer than moast rv roofing materials.
All the old caulk should be removed and cleaned, (a small amount of spray brake partscleaner works well.) Remove the release film and applybeing carefull not to let it stick to itself. Apply firm presuure to the surface. Presuure is what makes it stick. It is a bio-degradable adhesive with no petrolium products. It virtually sticks to any suface except silica sand, so if your roof is an EPDM membrane, make sure you clean it well to remove anyexcess silica sand.
I believe their website is
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