RV park, Kennedy Space Center


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RV park, Kennedy Space Center

There use to be a park called "Jetty Park" in the North end of Cape Canaveral right on the channel across from Kennedy Space Center property. It is a nice park, if it is still there. It is probably about a 20 minute drive to the Center, but it has ocean front in the park also.


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RV park, Kennedy Space Center

:( I'm not sure about the KOA's in that area but the Asheville East KOA sites are tight and not much room plus our brand new Dodge Ram got hit and when I called to report it the woman actually "horsed laughed" at me and said that it could have happened any where-yea right we hadn't had it two weeks and my husband wiped it down before we went to bed the night before.


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RV park, Kennedy Space Center

Jetty Park at Cape Canaveral is alive, well, and getting better all the time!
GREAT location, close to KSC (where I work), the ocean, and the Ron Jon's resort/time share place where you can go and drool!
It's also right next to the cruise ship terminals, and you can see them come and go. You can also take a short ride over to Grill's restaurant, or Fishlips, or go out for a half day trip on one of the gambling boats, if that's your thing.
It's all (except for KSC, which is about 12 miles away) within about a two mile area.
I don't recall what the rates are, but the telephone number is