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Hello everyone! :) I just realized that things are(again) a little different on these boards. :blush: Just took me awhile to know it! :laugh: How long have the boards been modified? Any one know? I just realized it 2 days ago, myself. :eek: Do you like the changes, or not? :8ball:
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As Eeyore says "Thanks for noticing" :bleh: . Yes we upgraded the forum last week. It is the same forum, mostly the changes were security/bug fixes, although there are a couple minor new features. The most noticeable is probably the quick reply located at the bottom of a topic list - this allows you to enter your reply quickly without having to go to another page.

If you have any questions :question: or concerns feel free to ask!

As always let us know anything we can do to improve RVUSA.com for you! :)

Lee Simpson
Webmaster, RVUSA.com

C Nash

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Thought my computer had just started working better ;) I like the quick reply except can't get the smilie faces :) or don't know how yet.
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RV Wizard,

Sure you can include a photo in the text. The following will give you an example (take out the spaces before and after the bracket, they were added for display):

[ img ]http://www.rvusa.com/images/logo_small.gif[ /img ]

will give you

You can also click on the Forum Code link to the left of the reply box for more information.

Hope this helps!

Lee Simpson
Webmaster, RVUSA.com