Should this "category" be continued?

Re: Should this "category" be continued?

Hey Bettylu

Add Chinook to that list of "B" motor homes for your research.

Too late now though, I suspect.


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Re: Should this "category" be continued?

I get a few punches in the ribs about my toy, but I can watch them as I get in my toy and go just almost, anywhere.
These forums are about learning and teaching, about the certain odor of deisel fumes and which is the best type of anything in the way of fixing it. Learn from the best the rv world has to offer, sometimes it takes a little time to get a answer, just be patience.
Keep writing and asking, they will answer. THEY are the best.

Re: Should this "category" be continued?

@fjohn56 (and others): Definitely not! Although we currently own a 40' diesel pusher, our statistics are much like @DL Rupper posted above. Drive the coach to an RV park and unhook the toad and drive where you really wanted to visit. That's why I'm currently looking at a used Chinook Concourse (ala @rjann, above). Our motorhome has solid walnut cabinetry which the wife loves while the cabinetry in the Chinook appears to be of the same high quality. It just feels good. :laugh: And we could drive it down a dirt road that I wouldn't even --consider-- in the coach :( The problem with the Class B is the same as going from a house to a Class A: what do you do with all the __stuff__? You dispose of it, what else?
Re: Should this "category" be continued?

With the upward price of fuel, the Class B's are getting very popular. I think that the Class B forums will start to get busy. Happy Trails, Penny, TX. Coachmen Class B & TranStar B+.


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Re: Should this "category" be continued?

I loved my Provan and had to switch it for my wheelchair, sold it to my son and his lovely wife

and Baskette, welcome to the forum
Re: Should this "category" be continued?

YES continue this category! Any recommendations here for what to buy in a Class B - or what NOT to buy!
hmmm "To buy or not to buy - that is the question"... :clown: - no WHAT to buy IS the question - and want to SOON :laugh:
RE: Should this "category" be continued?

Why not...? We love our Roadtrek we bought from Fretz RV. Its the perfect combination of a traveling vehicle and a camper. Try parking one of those Class A's in a city.
I have had 4 and just bought my 5th one. I count on information from this site to get it going. Please do not cancel this category. More and more people are downsizing to class b's now days. Thanks


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Should this "category" be continued?

fjohn56;4846 said:
I was just browsing this category and have been wondering why it is even here? The last post here was made in June, and there are only 8 topics; in the first place. I do not deny that Class B's are also part of the RVing family, but I haven't seen too many of them in all my travels through the U.S.
I guess this would be a question better put to the site admins?JMHO
Is just an idea............meant no harm by it! John
I would like to see Class B continue, thou there are other forums with more action. One reason is that class B's represent something like 8% of the total market. I just purchased a used 2002 Roadtrek 190 V for short money. I like it in that the MPG is about the best. You can hide it in the city or Walmarts' parking lots which cuts down your camp ground fees. Also it is easier to maintain and easy to drive. All these are good reasons to check it out.