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OK, what does the result of the test tell us?STANDARD ANALYSIS
Blackstone's standard analysis will tell you what you need to know about the condition of your engine and how it's wearing. The standard analysis costs $22.50 and includes the following:
Spectral Exam: Establishes the levels of wear metals, silicon, and additives present in the oil. Also checks for coolant.
Viscosity: Determines the grade of oil.
Insolubles: Quantifies the percentage of solids present in the oil.
Flash Point: Determines the flash point of the oil. We use the flash point to determine whether any contamination is present in the oil (determined when the flash is lower than the "should be" range).

Inquiring minds want to know! ;)
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From an earlier post: Oil change intervals are set by time, miles by mfg's because the condition of the oil is unknown without lab analysis. If you look at many large trucking outfits, they track the condition of engines, trannies, and gearboxes with analysis not guess work. A $20 spectrographic test (only $20) will tell multiple things about your lubes and coolants. It will let you know about bearing, ring wear, oil contaminants and lubricity and additive qualities
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And those of us with slightly more sophistication would ask, "Why do I need to pay $22.50 to know that I need to change the oil?"
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I don't know of anything that can bring a 20% change in mpg's. Maybe if you change driving habits, drive slower, draft big trucks and only go downhill it might change that much but I doubt it. The lubricants usually make a 5 to 8% change. Then due to the fact that most folks don't use Tier 1 fuel, we advocate using a fuel injector/valve cleaner every 4K miles to clean the combustion leftovers from pistons, heads and intake valves. This makes a difference if you notice the idle is starting to get a little rough. I use it all the time in everything with a gas motor but not 2 cycle stuff. You will also see an improvent in mpg's fromI don't think a flush would be needed from Mobil 1. I have used it for a long time before being introduced to Amsoil and seen first hand how well it performs compared to conventional oils. One of te things I look at is the weight of the oil filter after having been in service. Conventional oils' broken down compounds are the major item trapped in filters. Synthetics do not break down like conventionals and the light weight of the used filter is a good indicator. I discovered that a long time before my change to Amsoil products.

The beauty of Amsoil stuff is that it's dropped on your doorstep by UPS or NPS 2 days after you order it. Most things are delivered very quickly. I try to keep a few things handy that I know some of my customers will need things right away and don't like to wait a few days but most order online or on the phone. We also have a few mini-warehouse we can draw from in a pinch. The stuff is only a 800 call away.
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Blackstones seems pretty much the same type of analysis that we use at Amsoil and also a local lab in San Leandro, Ca. They are both certified labs using the same test methods specified by the major auto groups. I will attach a pdf file that gives brief description of what is checked.
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After unsuccessfully trying to attach a few different files, I have provided the web site url for the lab I use. They also have a very good PDF that explains oil analysis much better than I could. It looks like Blackstones does some of the same things but not everything is priced the same. TBN is one of the most important things I look at.
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Just got back from the first shakedown cruise of the new (to me) Aerbus. 272 miles on 27 gallons of regular. Speed averaged around 58-65 mph. Trip included about 70 mile climb to 3500 feet and back again on th same roads. I really didn't expect that kind of mpg's on a 35 foot gas coach. We weren't packed to the max but water and gas tanks were full. Is this average or above?
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I would call that 'above average'. My Winnie will get 7 - 8 around 60 to 65 mph.

I'm on a short trip now where I am trying to maintain 60 mph to keep the mpg up.

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I change my oil every 5000 miles regardless of weather I use synthetic or not. I get paranoid about the condition of the oil so I change it. The Dodge diesel manual calls for an oil change at 7500 miles (if towing), so I figure if I change it every 5000 miles it doesn't matter if I use synthetic or petroleum based oil.

It would be a waste of money for me to use the expensive synthetic oil and change it so often. I would never recoup costs on increased miles per gallon. My old Dodge Cummins managed to go 210,000 miles on petroleum based oil and it wasn't burning any oil. The engine was good, but the truck was starting to need attention.

I do intend to put Amsoil in my manual trans at the next change.
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According to what I can come up with, your truck uses 10 qts and a filter for each oil change. Not sure what you use but what Amsoil reccommends for it is around $8.00 a qt. They also warranty it for 15,000 miles under severe service or 25,000 miles under normal service without oil analysis with their filters. The reason you change your oil now is the fact that it's condition is unknown and better to be on the safe side and get rid of it often. If I didn't know what the oil had in it I would dump it too. The catch is, I know whats in my oil and don't have to change it to sleep better at night. I would much rather know the condition for $20 than keep changing it for $100 a pop. That also doesn't take the fuel savings into account. We know the mpg's will go up with a good synthetic like Amsoil. How much would a 10% fuel savings put back in your pocket? It looks like reducing the price of diesel around here by $.42 a gallon.
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I stand corrected on the drain interval. If you consider your driving an "RV" this is what Amsoil calls for:Commercial or Fleet Vehicles, Long-Haul Trucks, Marine Craft, RV, Off-Road Equipment
• Non-EGR equipped diesels – extend drain intervals up to two times (2X) the OEM* recommended drain interval or one year, whichever comes first, or longer based on oil analysis.
• Pre-2007 EGR equipped or low emission diesels – extend drain intervals based on oil analysis or use the OEM* recommended interval.
• Replace Donaldson Endurance™ or AMSOIL Ea™ full flow oil filters at the time of oil change up to two times (2X) longer than the OEM* standard interval, not to exceed 60,000 miles in long-haul trucks.