To buy a Class B or Class C?

We are looking at buying a class C, but then we thought well since we are just starting out with RVing, we should get a class B, as it would be cheaper and it can double as our everyday car.

Well the B prices are not really much lower than the C's. I guess because they have to cram more things into a smaller space.

We are 36 & 38, and our kids are 5 and 11. I'm not sure how often we would really go camping, but we would probably take more and longer trips in a C; just because the B is so small and less convenient. But the B would be handy for semi-local trips like county fairs, etc.

What do you guys think? :kiss:
To buy a Class B or Class C?

Hi,cheezfri; In your present situation I think a class B would be too confining. How about a small class C- like 24 feet or less. They should be a lot less than you would pay for a B and have ample room. Keep looking,there are a lot of them around.
To buy a Class B or Class C?

Hi, we've had a Class C, currently have a B. With your kids ages I'd recommend a Class C. Remember, they are growing and the older one will be a teenager before you know it. The kids will be much happier with a Class C, they love the overhead bunk.

Our kids are grown now, and we went with a B.

But it does depend on how you will use the unit. As you said, a B would be handy for you as a second vehicle, but a C would be better for you on longer camping have to decide for yourself how you want to use an RV and make your choice based on your own personal feelings.


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To buy a Class B or Class C?

Class B is usually not cheaper than class C, in fact often they are more expensive to buy. And they are a lot less pleasant to use. Their only advantages are better gas mileage, and the ability to use them as a second vehicle around town.

They are not really for camping in, although it can be done. They are for going from here to there over a period of several days. Also, they can go places where bigger units may not be practical.

One way to get a class B without spending the usual class B sticker price is to have one custom built on your van (or theirs) by Sportsmobile. Their pop-up roof overcomes some of the cramp typical of the class B, and their prices tend to be on the lower end of the price range.


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To buy a Class B or Class C? They have a facility in Fresno, CA, as well as the ones in Huntington, IN and Austin, TX. Whatever you do, make sure you are starting from a 1 ton van if you want all the neat stuff. I was going to trick out a 3/4 ton Dodge, but they wouldn't do a generator or bigger battery bank, and suggested going without the A/C.
To buy a Class B or Class C?

Hi - In your situation I would think a "pop-up camper" would be a good choice. They have lots of room - are easy to pull - don't cost too much - etc. After our kids married - we tried a small- used class A - then a new class C and finally bought a new (class B) 91 Roadtrek. The Roadtrek was the best choice for us - we still have it - 136 k miles - all trips. A class B is great for 2 people - but no more. A class C has more room but will use a lot of gas - will be harder to drive in city traffic - and will be very hard to sell when kids grow up. We don't use our class B for a second car - it is a little big for that and only gets about 10 mpg in city - about 15 on road. I hope this helps.