Trail-lite Quality and 27RSL`s

I am about to trade in my reliable 2000 Trail-Lite for another one, but all I am reading lately about Trail-lites are leaks everywhere and soft "bouncey" floors! Are these isolated incidents? Does anyone have a well used Trail-Lite with no leaks or major problems? Maybe they started out with high quality but because of popularity and demand they are going downhill. Let me hear your opinions.Also, I am looking at the Trail-Cruiser 27rsl if anyone has any input on this model. Thanks


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Trail-lite Quality and 27RSL`s

What is 'wrong' with the one you have? If it meets your needs, mights well keep it. Better the devil you know...
Trail-lite Quality and 27RSL`s

Just bought a class A Condor from them and noticed leaks up over the dash. I have not taken it back for repair. will let you know what they say.
Trail-lite Quality and 27RSL`s

I have been full timing in my 2001 28 foot Trail-Lite Fifth Wheel for a year now. I spent nearly half the time in the rainy Pacific Northwest during winter and summer months. It sometimes downpoured for days, particularly in the Redwoods of California during the winter.

I have never had a single leak in my Trail-Lite, which shocks me because I feel where I stayed was the Lipmus test.

As to bouncy floors, I have no idea what that means since I don't have it. I have two full grown Lab mixes who bounce around on those floors a heck of a lot more than I do, and I can testify to their toughness.

I love my Trail-Lite. Like any RV, there are design issues I would like to strangle the company for, but as a single woman traveling alone, I have been able to manage everything mechanically on my own and that has been a blessing thanks to their design.

I can't say, but I would ignore these rumors. I think they are marvelous trailers.