Tree sap clean-up

Does anybody know how to clean off pine tree sap from the top of a motorhome? We were sitting half-way under a pine tree for 2 months in Orlando, FL this spring and I'm getting tired of ellbow grease to get the sap off.
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Tree sap clean-up

Hi Paul, have you tried Goo Gone it works real well on other sticky stuff like decal glue, and says it works on sap, etc.
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Tree sap clean-up

Try SPEED-BRITE it has mild solvents in it to break up the sap. And then use it to protect from future tree sap problems.

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Tree sap clean-up

WD 40 removes tree sap from clothes... might work on the roof of the RV too. I used it on a waterproof jacket, took it right out and rinsed out nicely.

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Tree sap clean-up

Thanks for the replies, but I tried goo-gone and WD 40 and it didn't work much better. Have not tried Speed-Brite, I was hoping for a cheaper remedy! I'll keep trying different things
Tree sap clean-up

try using rubbing alcohol. i know that it works well getting the sap off of my truck. it does remove any wax/protection, but it does not harm the paint or clearcote. hope this helps.