Water heater winnebago Brave

I am a proud owner of a `97 Winnebago Brave 25" (this size is very big for Europe) and now the first Winter is coming, so i was looking for a valve to get the water out of the water heater, but I can not find one. Can anybody tell me how do I get my water out so it can not freeze. My old RV had one of those valve so I guess the Brave has one as well, or am I wrong??? :question: :question: :question:
Water heater winnebago Brave

It may not have a by pass vavle installed but you can use air pressure to blow the water out of the tank and lines. Simply hook up an air supply to the input for water and open all valves untill no more water.
Water heater winnebago Brave

Or find out if it has a drain plug at the bottom somewhere; not guareenteeing(sp)there IS one, but won't hurt to check.What rv wizard suggested will work, too.

C Nash

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Water heater winnebago Brave

Mike, there should be a screw in plug in the bottom of the tank below the burner for draining. Think it is about a 15/16 and most take a socket with an extension and pull handle (1/2"drive) to remove.